Patient Information

We ask that for your initial consultation/appointment for your to arrive 10-15mins early prior to completed out the patient information and informed consent forms.

You may complete these forms prior to your appointment as well. One of our friendly administration team members will be able to email or SMS the forms to your phone and/or tablet/computer. 

We recommend that you bring any letters or referrals (if you have been referred by another practitioner, doctor, physio etc). Please also bring and copies of any diagnostic imaging or test results you have had in the past that may be relevant (such as X-rays, MRI, Ultrasound, CT Scans, bone scans etc). 

Please bring in your shoes that you would like assessed (main activities, walking and sports) and wear comfortable clothes to be assessed in. 

Parking is available at all of our locations. However we advise you to allow time for parking for our Dickson location. Our Gunghalin podiatry practice is located inside Ochre Medical Centre in Casey

Your First Visit

If you’ve never been to a podiatrist before then we have put together some helpful information for you below. 

  1. We get to know you

Our Sports & Exercise podiatrists will sit down with you, and getting to know more about yourself and your injury (if you are injured).

We’re also equally interested in what activities are important to you, and how your injury might be holding you back.

We understand that your foot pain means a lot more than just having a sore heel or arch, and it impacts everyone in different ways. It could mean you have trouble going up and down stairs, lifting heavy loads at work or painful to stand in one spot gardening. Please bring some shoes that you would commonly use for all your activities. 

This information is critical to us to tailor our assessment and treatment to your needs, while it also helps us understand you better as a person.

2. What is your movement pattern like?

Now we assess your movement and strength. It really helps if we can see the body part you’ve hurt — shorts or pants that can be rolled up will help us see the foot and ankle much easier.

3. Provisional Diagnosis or Further Investigation

Now depending on if we can figure out your pain and where it is coming from we can begin some initial treatment options. You can expect in your first consult is to leave with a bit of homework! We want to empower you with the right knowledge and steps to improve yourself. 

If we need to look at further answers we may have to order further diagnostic imaging (X-rays, MRIs, CTs, Ultrasounds etc). If you require on-referral or another health care practitioner to help with your case we have a great network of sports doctors, musculoskeletal, sport and women’s health physiotherapists, surgeons and general practitioners to refer you on to.  

4. Here’s your plan!

After taking into account your assessment and goals of what you would like to achieve our experienced and qualified podiatrists will then formulate a management plan to return you to performance meaning a level and above where you were pre-injury.  

The final part of your consult we’ll discuss the steps we need to take to help achieve your goals. Most typically – reduce your pain, restore your movement, increase your strength, and get back doing what you love doing!


We have outlined below the details for your investment in us. Our session to session pricing for our established initial consultations, rehabilitation programs and sports science data testing is outlined in the sections below. Private health insurance can help to pay for the cost of your sports & exercise podiatry services and products, although individual  coverage vary greatly.  We recommend you contact your health fund for specific rebate amounts related to your policy. 

All of our practioners are some of the most qualified and experienced clinicians in Canberra with a special focus in Sports & Exercise Podiatry. Our Sports & Exercise Podiatrists have undergraduate training in podiatry as a minimum as well as postgraduate education and clinical experience in strength & conditioning, rehabilitation, sports medicine and footwear science. Our podiatry fees reflect the highly qualified and experienced practitioners we have at Peak Performance Podiatry. We have a patient first vision which means getting the best outcomes for you by giving you access to the most skilled and experienced practioners in Canberra. 

Initial Biomechanical/Musculoskeletal Consultation


All initial appointments are allocated up to 60 minutes. This extended comprehensive consultation includes a subjective assessment,  biomechanical and musculoskeletal assessment, injury history, initial provisional diagnosis, computerised gait analysis, footwear assessment and individualised goal setting for a plan of management. 

If required we we may have to order further diagnostic imaging (X-rays, MRIs, CTs, Ultrasounds etc). An initial structured management plan will also be provided. 

If negative foot impressions (casting, foam box moulds, or 3D scans) are required at this appointment there is an additional $90 fee.

Subsequent Biomechanical/Musculoskeletal Consultation: Ranges between

$125 – $195

These session to session consultations range from 30 – 45 minutes depending on need. This includes a standard consultation/review of your original presenting concern/issue. You may additional objective testing, assessments. We also use this consultation to discuss some imaging or diagnostic scanning results if you were referred for this. 

This consultation will vary in price as some patients may require additional objective testing, exercise prescription, coaching & programming. 

If negative foot impressions (casting, foam box moulds, or 3D scans) are required at this appointment there is an additional $90 fee.

Subsequent Sports & Exercise Podiatry Rehabilitation Consultation


This 30 minute session to session consultation includes a standard consultation/review of your original presenting concern/issue. We will use sports science technology to inform your progress and benchmarks.

We will design, implement and provide you with a tailored exercise, strength & conditioning and rehabilitation program on a dedicated cloud based app that you can access anywhere. Our Sports & Exercise Podiatrists will coach you through your program and provide you with details and plan. 

Your exercise program can be modified in conjunction with your needs and the results of the objective testing. 

Orthotic Cost Guide
(Custom & Semi-Custom)

$325 – $590

Below is our price list for all orthotics:

Full Custom Range:

  • Full Custom Orthotics: $550-$590 + Fitting Consultation ($100)
  • Children Price (Under age 12) $390 + Fitting Consultation ($100)
  • 2nd pair discount of 20% for same script/design.
Pre-Fabricated/Non-Cast Range:
  • Semi-Custom Orthotics: $325 + Fitting Consultation ($100)
We do not provide off the shelf orthoses at our practice anymore as these can easily be acquired at your local running shoe store or chemist/pharmacy. 


We are the centre of excellence in Canberra for bridging the gap between science and practical application of Sports & Exercise Podiatry

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