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Welcome to Peak Performance Podiatry, Canberra’s leading Sports and Exercise podiatry clinic. Founded by Sports & Exercise Podiatrist and Musculoskeletal Performance Consultant, Patrick Doan, we specialise in personalised, evidence-based treatments leveraging cutting-edge scientific research for injury recovery and rehabilitation.

Located in Canberra City & Dickson, our clinic features state-of-the-art facilities including on-site rehabilitation equipment, a synthetic grass track, and advanced objective testing technologies, ensuring the highest standard of Sports and Exercise Podiatry services.

Our approach combines extensive expertise in sports podiatry, exercise podiatry, strength & conditioning, injury rehabilitation, gait analysis, musculoskeletal and biomechanical podiatry, as well as orthotic therapy and manufacturing.

Our practitioners are among Canberra’s most skilled and experienced, with specialised postgraduate training and certifications in strength & conditioning, sports science, and exercise science, backed by both clinical and field experience. This is very unique offering tailored to you. 

At Peak Performance Podiatry, we integrate the latest in podiatry, sports science, strength & conditioning, and rehabilitation techniques, typically available only in elite institutes and professional sports teams, to benefit all Canberrans.

Visit us at our convenient locations in Canberra City, Dickson and Braddon, and let us help you achieve peak performance.

Our Mission & Vision

Vision & Purpose:

At Peak Performance Podiatry, our vision is to deliver exceptional, sustainable excellence in Sports & Exercise Medicine. We strive to uphold our core values, ensuring a company we’re proud to run and work for.

Our mission is to lead as the center of excellence in bridging the gap between science and practical application in Sports & Exercise Podiatry.

Core Values:

Commitment to Excellence: Our commitment to excellence is based on personalised, evidence-backed approaches that are functional and sustainable.

Advancing Our Profession: We innovate and lead in the podiatry field, continuously enhancing our skills and services to stay at the forefront.

Challenging Conventions: We embrace critical thinking to pioneer new approaches and elevate standards.

Sustainable Impact & Balanced Living: We create enduring solutions and foster a collaborative culture with our patients, while promoting a positive work-life balance for our team.

Our Practice Locations


Our new City Centre Practice is located at Level 8, 221 London Circuit. This clinic is located inside a 1968 Modernist Icon that has been refurbished. We have a fully set up rehabilitation gymnasium and objective testing technology such as the VALD ForceDecks.

If you are travelling via car we have parking options for our City clinic include free 1 Hour Parking along 5 Constitution Avenue. Paid Wilson Parking at 300 Constitution Avenue Parking, Constitution Place Car Park, Nangari Street, Ainslie Place and Allara Street.

Access via public bus transport to our building is London Cct after Akuna St Stop ID: 3004. We are a 7 minute walk from the Alinga Street Light Rail Stop.


Our Dickson Clinic is located within SportsCare Canberra – Woolley Street. We have a fully set up rehabilitation gymnasium, synthetic grass running track, anti-gravity treadmill and VALD ForceDecks. We work closely with the physiotherapists and exercise physiologists at this practice to optimise your goals and treatment. 

Conveniently located in the heart of Dickson. Parking options for our clinic include free 2 Hour Parking on Challis Street. Paid parking on Woolley Street. We are 5 minutes walk from the Dickson Interchange tram and bus stop.

Please kindly note our Dickson clinic is on first floor has stairs access only.


Our Braddon clinic is located inside Next Practice Braddon. We’re dedicated to revolutionising Sports & Exercise Podiatry with our state-of-the-art facilities and compassionate approach. We utilise computerised gait analysis as well as having the highest qualified staff in Canberra. 

We are conveniently located in Braddon on Cooyong Street. Parking options for our clinic include free 2 Hour Parking on Currong Street, Donaldson Street & 1 Hour Free on Batman Street. Paid Wilson Parking On Site and at the Canberra Centre. 

Why choose Us?

  • Our systems and processes were designed with a performance mindset. Whether its your heel pain causing you grief and you would love to get back to bushwalking or if you are planning on running that half-marathon, we have years of experience and access to all the resources to get you back returning to activity with confidence. 
  • You will receive round-the-clock support from your Sports & Exercise Podiatrist. We understand that there are specific times you would like to do your exercises or rehab at home or at the gym. Or sometimes you need clarification on your footwear after your initial appointment. We understand why the traditional podiatry clinical model does not work, so you will not have to wait until your next booking to get the answers you need. As we are strength & conditioning coaches as well as sports & exercise podiatrists we understand the need to be flexible. 
  • We have worked at the highest professional level in sport. We have not just been in a clinic room for our careers, we have seen live action injuries on the field as well as rehabilitated them in the most professional integrated medical and strength & conditioning setups. We now bring this knowledge and network for the local Canberra community to access. 
  •  We have our costs listed and you can see the value in your investment. We ensure there are no surprises with your appointment and additional fees as we have our transparent pricing structure here. With our years of expertise and ability to have all the resources and networks to return you to your activity it is all included in the price! Patients and athletes who work closely alongside strength and conditioning coaches are stronger, fitter and faster when they return to sport or activity compared to those who only do traditional podiatry (orthotics and/or footwear changes). They are less likely to get injured and more likely to bounce back from their injury with confidence.
  • You will receive full access to your individual and tailored program on a dedicated app. We will program as needed your strength, conditioning, running and rehabilitation programs on cloud based servers for you to access at anytime. They will have photos, videos and descriptions as well as check ins with our Sports & Exercise Podiatrists to test and monitor your progress with our state of the art advanced sports science technology. 
  • We have vast experience in orthotic manufacturing and modifications using TGA approved laboratories and processes. We work with many orthotic laboratories around Australia and ensure they are stringent with TGA approved materials and manufacturing processes.  Our custom prescription medical orthotic devices are designed with years of experience in biomechanical processes as well as using valid and reliable computerised video gait technology to give you an understanding of how we come to your orthotic prescription. Our expertise with Sports Science in the sporting field and access to world class sports science technology can provide insight to your strength, movement control and identify barriers for your lower leg and hip function. 
  • We are experienced in research and development in the footwear industry. Our Sports & Exercise Podiatrists have experience in commercial footwear distribution as well and professional development relationships with local footwear retailers such as The Athlete’s Foot and The Runner’s Shop. We regularly provide in-service training for local footwear retailers. We also test and wear footwear from companies to provide feedback on design and fit such as On Running, Asics, Nike, Bared, Altra, New Balance, Brooks and Mizuno. This helps us be up to date with current footwear trends and research and give you the best possible footwear advice. 

Our Services

You are initially seen our Sports & Exercise podiatrists who will take a detailed history, assess the structure and function of your foot, ankle and lower limbs, review and imaging/surgical reports and arrive at a preliminary provisional diagnosis.

The appointment can take up to one hour. Please wear shorts your appointment if possible. Alternatively you can also wear active tights if preferred. Please be changed and ready prior to your appointment so we can begin without delay. If your practitioner has requested that you should be assessed wearing your shoes and/or orthotics, please bring these along with you to your appointment.

Some common acute and chronic foot and ankle conditions we see, treat and manage:

  • Plantar Fascia injuries (fasciitis, fasciopathy, fasciocis, fascial tears)
  • Achilles Tendon injuries (tendonitis, tendinopathy, tendinosis)
  • Bony injuries (fractures, stress reactions)
  • Shin pain (medial tibial stress syndrome, periostitis etc.)
  • Forefoot pain (plantar plate conditions, neuromas, bursitis, capsulitis)
  • Arthritis (osteoarthritis of foot and ankle joints)
  • Tendon injuries (tibialis posterior, peroneals)
  • Calf pain (tendinous junction pain, strains and pulls)

Sports & Exercise Podiatry deals with any acute or longer term foot, ankle and lower leg/knee injuries. A variety of management strategies can be involved such as footwear modification, process goals benchmarking, orthotic therapy, exercise rehabilitation, strength & conditioning, load management and much more. 

Initial Consultations involve a thorough musculoskeletal and biomechanical assessment.

This service involves utilisation of computerised gait analysis as well as objective testing. An analysis of your existing footwear will also be done. 

From this process we can develop strategies and plans around treatment options and interventions. Possible interventions such as personalised  prescription and custom lower limb rehabilitation programs in conjunction with footwear advice/prescription.

The diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle problems and lower leg may occur from the above process or our podiatrists can refer on to other health professionals in Canberra or order diagnostic imaging (e.g. X-rays, MRI, ultrasound, CT etc). 

Our sports and exercise podiatrists are also able to look at your current activity levels and training load and also make modifications/recommendations to achieve your goals. 

Our sports & exercise podiatrist have industry experience in research and development of athletic footwear. We have worked with many leading brands around the world.

Part of our sports & exercise podiatry service in Canberra is that we can assess your existing footwear to see if they are suitable for your needs. 

We can also prescribe your footwear for activities you plan on doing as well as specific footwear for sport (cycling, running, football, soccer, netball, golf etc).

Our Sports & Exercise Podiatrists have experience in commercial footwear distribution as well and professional development relationships with local footwear retailers such as The Athlete’s Foot and The Runner’s Shop. We regularly provide in-service training for local footwear retailers 

Strength & Conditioning is developing your physical capabilities to be stronger, fitter and faster than where you were previously. 

Our Sports & Exercise Podiatrists are Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) accredited coaches. The ASCA Coach Accreditation Framework is registered with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS), administered by Sport Australia (SportAus) and identifies individuals who possess the knowledge and skill to design, implement and review safe and effective S&C training programs.  

Your programs will be designed and coached by Principal Podiatrist & Founder Patrick Doan who is a registered ASCA Level 2 and PCAS Professional Strength & Conditioning Coach, ESSA Level 2 Sports Scientist and Exercise Scientist. This comprehensive service ensures that programs are prescribed to the highest level.

 All programs to be custom to the individual with one-on-one coaching and objective testing can be recorded to ensure you are on track. 

We work with all workers compensation and insurance companies in Canberra but also Australia wide. 


If you had a workplace injury and need a return to performance plan involving podiatry assessed footwear, orthotics, exercise rehabilitation or even just another set of eyes we are in prime position to assist. 


We work with your primary practioner (GP, surgeon or specialist) as well as your case manager and insurer. Please contact us for more details and have your claim number and approval for treatment referral ready. If you are unsure please contact us. 

Our orthotic point of difference is that we use multiple orthotic laboratories around Australia. 

We offer a range of orthotic options including fully customised or semi-custom orthotics. These orthotics can be manufactured from a range of processes including traditional pouring, 3D printing of CAD CAM milling. 

We also use special carbon that is either uni-directional or bi-directional for stiffness in the right areas for our custom cycling orthotics.

We have access to TGA approved orthotic material suppliers to ensure you are getting the appropriate medical grade product. 

We have state of the art video and computerised gait analysis software. This can be slowed down frame by frame to get an in depth look at your walking/movement pattern. 

This information can help inform what sort of treatment can be ideal and also what footwear can be suitable. 

Here at Peak Performance Podiatry we have access to the latest objective lower limb technology to keep you on track!

We have a mix of strength based testing as well as force plates to ensure you have tangible baseline makers to base your progression. 

These data sets can help with your exercise programming as well as changes to lifestyle and training load. 

Initial musculoskeletal assessment.
• In-clinic treatment and exercise.
• At home exercise prescription.
• Reassessment and review.

Every step is recorded and analysed in real-time, then communicated back to you  with live data visualisation and reports; making for a seamless experience for you and faster, easier decision-making.

We work with many local foot and ankle surgeons in Canberra to best optimise your post operative outcomes.

We have strategies to test and give your baseline capacity with strength and range of motion for before and after surgery. 

This service is assessment of your cycling history, ability, current and historical training loads, injury history and current goals/targets.

We will then look at your strength, flexibility, mobility on and off the bike, musculoskeletal screening and specific cycling tests.

Cycling analysis and lower limb bike fit will be performed with video technology. We will also measure your current basic bike set up (seat height, crank length, pedals, cleats etc). Our recommendations and prescription of shoes and orthotics (if necessary) will be based on the above.

We can also design your cycling orthotic wearing in program on Zwift (or other cycling indoor software) or have riding outside to get used to your cycling orthotics. 

We can also look at current bike fits and see if modifications to exisiting equipment or changes to existing equipment can help you ride more comfortably on the bike (e.g. different kits, shoes, pedals, insulation clothing etc.). We consistently test the latest. industry products so you can get the best advice to help you enjoy your cycling comfortably. 

We can also look at previous GPS data (e.g. Strava/Garmin/Wahoo) to help inform your progression and if they can make meaningful changes to your riding or associated to your foot and ankle function on the bike.  

We have consulted with some of the best professional sports teams, organisations and industries in the areas of Sports & Exercise Podiatry, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Science, Rehabilitation and Professional Development. Our team has been trusted by and worked with:

We are the centre of excellence in Canberra for bridging the gap between science and practical application of Sports & Exercise Podiatry

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