We believe to give the best outcome for returning to performance after injury is providing a scientific, evidence based and personalised approach to healing, rehabilitation and optimising function.

At our Sports & Exercise podiatry clinic in Canberra, we embrace a holistic approach to health, recognising that overall well-being involves the entire body. We firmly believe in the concept that exercise is a form of medicine. Our clinic is equipped with the latest in lower limb objective testing technology, allowing us to provide precise diagnostics and personalised treatment plans. With some of the most highly qualified practitioners in Canberra, we are dedicated to optimising lower limb health and enhancing overall performance through advanced methodologies.

About Us

At our Sports & Exercise Podiatry clinic in Canberra, we are committed to advancing podiatric care with a strong focus on sports and exercise. Our mission is to promote and sustain active lifestyles for all individuals, from avid walkers to professional athletes.
Located in Braddon, Dickson and Canberra City, our clinics are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including a fully set up rehabilitation gymnasium and advanced gait analysis capabilities.

We take pride in our multidisciplinary approach, collaborating closely with a wide network of professionals when necessary to achieve optimal outcomes for our clients. Our team consists of Podiatrists, Accredited Sports Scientists, and Professional Strength & Conditioning Coaches who are dedicated to prescribing and supervising tailored exercise and rehabilitation programs.

Effective communication is key to our practice. We work closely with each patient to develop personalised treatment plans that align with their unique needs and goals. Whether it’s injury prevention or performance enhancement, our goal is to help individuals live active lifestyles while achieving their highest potential.

Our Services


Foot and Ankle Pain

Footwear Analysis and Tailored Prescription

Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal Assessment 

Personalised Lower Limb Strength & Conditioning and Exercise Programming

Sports & Exercise Podiatry

Computerised Gait Analysis 

Performance Objective Testing

Foot & Ankle Injury Rehabilitation

Foot & Ankle Post Operative Rehab

Orthotic Therapy

Cycling Biomechanics and Podiatry


We are the centre of excellence in Canberra for bridging the gap between science and practical application of Sports & Exercise Podiatry

Our Affiliations

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