We believe to give the best outcome for returning to performance after injury is providing a scientific, evidence based and personalised approach to healing, rehabilitation and optimising function.

A Sports & Exercise podiatry clinic in Canberra. We believe in we believe health is about the state of your whole body. A philosophy utilising the concept that exercise is medicine. We have access to latest lower limb objective testing technology and have the highest qualified practioners in Canberra.

About Us

We provide Canberra with a special focus on sports and exercise podiatry services and education. We want to help people be active and to stay active and to be on the forefront of Sports & Exercise Podiatry. We have a vast and extensive professional network for when a multidisciplinary approach is required to help assist you to achieve your goals. Our practitioners pride themselves on excellent communication to their patients to develop an personalised treatment plans. Our Dickson location is a fully set up rehabilitation gymnasium and has gait analysis.

Our Sports & Exercise Podiatry clinic in Canberra has Podiatrists, Accredited Sports Scientists and Professional Strength & Conditioning Coaches to prescribe, supervise exercise and rehabilitation programs.

We love to minimise injuries while in constant pursuit of performance. Whether you are an avid walker or a professional athlete, our processes can help anyone live an active lifestyle. 

Our Services


Foot and Ankle Pain

Footwear Analysis and Tailored Prescription

Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal Assessment 

Personalised Lower Limb Strength & Conditioning and Exercise Programming

Sports & Exercise Podiatry

Computerised Gait Analysis 

Performance Objective Testing

Foot & Ankle Injury Rehabilitation

Foot & Ankle Post Operative Rehab

Orthotic Therapy

Cycling Biomechanics and Podiatry


We are the centre of excellence in Canberra for bridging the gap between science and practical application of Sports & Exercise Podiatry

Our Affiliations

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